Neurolinguistic Programming ™

NLP is the study of excellence that was created to answer one simple question: How can I do whatever I am doing even better? The idea is that a successful person can be modeled and, if we copy and apply the model to the proper application, we can be successful as well. Neuro is our mind and nerve pathways where memories and stored responses are kept. Linguistic is language and our speech patterns. Programming is how we are currently responding to internal and external stimulus. When we combine our preprogrammed responses and reinforce them with our language patterns, we can be stuck with habits, fears, phobias, or reactions that we do not want, but do or have anyway. NLP allows us to change our "working model" to something different and useful to ourselves. Using NLP techniques, either alone or with other modalites, can create rapid, permanent positive change.

NLP is vast in its scope and to help you learn more, visit these links: Holographic University , Tad James , and William D. Horton .

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