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Who We Are

Andrew Neblett is a certified hypnotist (CT. REGISTERED HYPNOTIST, HYP.0000114), energy kinesiologist, TBM practitioner (Total Body Modification), instructor, hypnosynergetics instructor, author, intuitive counselor, herbalist, Process Coach, and a natural health consultant. He also practices aromatherapy, reflexology, radiesthesia, E.F.T. and iridology. He uses the combination of hypnosis and other alternative health modalities in his practice, Neblett Hypnosis & Wellness Group, L.L.C., with locations in New England and New York. Additionally, he travels to area junior/senior high schools and help students to achieve better grades with hypnosynergetics. He lectures on hypnosis, alternative health modalities and stress management. His book, ‘Octoenergetic Balancing - The 4 Body / 4 Mind Method of Wellness' is now available.

Andrew Neblett has created a network of health professionals that are a cut above the rest. Each person is a seasoned professional. Regardless of your issue(s) or condition(s), you will be treated and guided in the correct way. Call today for your free consultation. If our services meet your needs, the sessions are then held at NG&WG office locations or network provider locations or, if needed, in the home.

Education & Certifications

The Open International University for Complementary Medicines • World Instituite of Integrative Health Sciences • Breyer State University • Keene State College • Robert Shields College • New Hypnosis Institute • Reiki Blessings Academy • La Source • National Guild of Hypnotists • American Board of Hypnotherapy • National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards • Integral Hypnotherapy Institute • Modern Hypnosis


Certified Member of: National Guild of Hypnotists • American Board of Hypnotherapy • National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards • The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy. Member of: • The Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists • The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists


"After 40 years as a smoker I was prepared to try 4 or 5 sessions to help me succeed in my goal to stop. Nothing I had ever tried before had worked. After 1 session I became a non-smoker, and I've stayed a non-smoker. I wish I had tried hypnosis years ago. Thank you for helping me find the way to be successful." - Carl, Bristol, CT

“I had a problem staying awake while driving a car. It was a real problem and a dangerous one at that. Neblett Hypnosis & Wellness Group quite simply solved my problem. Andrew Neblett was particularly attentive and genuinely concerned for my well-being. He adapted his therapy to my problem and definitely put serious thought into the best course of action for my particular case. If you are ready to make a change for the better, don't hesitate to call Neblett Hypnosis & Wellness Group.” - Scott, Manchester, CT

“I suffer from migraine headaches. I had one that was so bad that no medicine would help it. In desperation I called Neblett Hypnosis and Wellness Group and the migraine was eliminated within a matter of minutes. With the direction and training I was given, my migraines have greatly decreased in frequency. I know that one day they will be gone.” -Brigitte, Shelton, CT

“The first thing I noticed was a feeling of peace and calm. I also felt more physical and emotional energy. My mental clarity was restored which improved my overall attitude. I would encourage anyone to participate in the training they have to offer.” - Jeanne, Bismarck, ND

"I am feeling better than I have i years. I have more energy, am eating healthier, and feel more ambitious. Andrew identified food allergies I never knew I had. I am thinking more clearly, and feel more confident. I am very grateful.” - Carol, Derby, CT

"I contacted Andrew Neblett due to severe anxiety that was leaving me feeling very overwhelmed about facing my life and dealing with everyday issues. I was also frustrated at my attempts to lose weight and my lack of energy. I was totally surprised at the issues we uncovered and very pleased with the results. My anxiety is gone and I am able to face each day with confidence. I also learned techniques to help me if I should encounter new issues. The recommendations for changing my diet has improved my energy and I am able to lose weight." -Louse, West Haven, CT

I met Andrew because it was meant to be. I was having a lot of problems with myself (lack of self-confidence, decision making, negativity, and suicidal thoughts), problems with my family in my home life, as well as a heavy load of bad energies on me. I worked with Andrew and within 2 sessions I was a new, more peaceful person. We found out the food allergies I have, and by following his advice I had never felt so much better. We also worked in a few exercised for my personal negativity, and lack of goals and will in life. Working with Andrew was the best decision I made for myself. This is the first time in my 22 years that I actually feel like I'm living. I'm also going to the Healing Circle meetings and it is being an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I'm now able to follow my life clearly, and peacefully; letting it go of all negativity that I was once attached to. Andrew gave me all the tools I needed to solve the problems I was having, and by working with for 4 or 5 sessions I can't but in words the wonderful changes in my life. I will always be forever thankful for having the opportunity to work with Andrew. -Marina, Cromwell, CT

Serving New England and New York

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